Governor NN Vohra briefed on Jhelum flood recovery project

Sundeep Kumar Nayak, Chief Executive Officer, Jhelum and Tawi Flood Recovery Project, called on Governor NN Vohra here today.
Nayak briefed the Governor about the status of ongoing works to support the recovery and increase disaster resilience in the project areas along with the restoration of public service infrastructure.
The Governor advised Nayak to ensure the timely completion of all projects, with particular attention to strengthening disaster risk management systems and institutions so that the project benefited the entire affected region. Meanwhile, S Khurshid-ul-Islam, Course Coordinator, J&K Institute of Management, Public Administration & Rural Development, accompanied by Shrikant Balasahab Suse, an IAS probationer, had a separate meeting with the Governor.
Islam briefed the Governor about training programmes being offered to the IAS probationers at the institute and the training which Suse was presently undergoing. The Governor discussed with Suse about his training schedule and advised him to devote high attention to getting fully acquainted with the problems faced by people and ensuring prompt and effective attention to resolve them.

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