Gang of women ‘Blackmailing’ commuters on Highway

A ‘gang’ of women is out to rob commuters by threatening to implicate them in false cases of molestation and sexual assault. The victims in these cases have not filed a formal complaint with the police fearing that it could badly affect their image in society.
The women gang is active on the Jammu-Katra national highway, where one of them allegedly asks lift from car owners and at the time of leaving the car, she blackmails the commuters of filing molestation cases against them if they do not give money to her.
“I was on my way to Jammu for the service of my car. A woman of about 40 years asked me for a lift near the Nomain area (3 km ahead of Katra) saying that her child was admitted at Sri Maharaja Gulab Singh Hospital and she had to go there immediately. Seeing her in such an emergency, I gave her lift,” said a victim from Katra, requesting anonymity.
“After reaching Jammu, when I asked her to leave the vehicle, she told me to give her Rs 20,000 else she will call the police and implicate me in a case of molestation. I had no option but to save my image and pay her the money,” he added.
Having a good family background, the victim felt hesitant to file a complaint fearing that it could affect his image in society.
Another victim from Reasi said: “A woman asked me for a lift and after reaching the destination, she started blackmailing me and I had to pay her Rs 25, 000.” “I don’t want my family and friends to know about this incident, that is why I paid the money and didn’t file a complaint against her. I also felt that she must be in nexus with the police and I may get into a bigger trouble,” the victim added.
The police have no information about the gang as no complaint has been lodged in any of the police stations in Jammu and Reasi.
“We haven’t got any complaint of any such incident in our area. But if someone has faced such a thing, he should file a complaint to the police station concerned or contact me directly if they do not want to disclose their identity,” said Tahir Sajad Bhat, Reasi SSP.

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