Divide Valley to resettle minorities: Panun Kashmir

Expressing concern over the rising radicalisation in Kashmir and deterioration in security situation, the Panun Kashmir (PK) today said the division of the Valley had become imperative to create a peaceful zone for minorities.
Reiterating their demand for a separate homeland for the Pandits in the Valley, the PK has said it is the only way to resettle the displaced community in their ancient homeland.
Addressing a press conference, PK chairman Ajay Chrangoo and convener Agnishekhar alleged that they had been warning that radicalisation was turning the Valley into “ungovernable territory” as is the case of Afghanistan and Syria.
“The recent developments in Kashmir have once again underlined inevitability of dividing Kashmir by creation of a Union Territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of the Jhelum for the rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir,” said Chrangoo.
Chrangoo said nationalist sections were baffled that the Central government continued to be blind to the reality that soft-separatism had facilitated the takeover of polity in Kashmir by radical Islam.
“Governments in the state based on soft-separatism have in fact nourished the campaign of wrecking the nation from within. The so-called political mainstream which the Government of India cultivated in Kashmir is singing to the tunes of Pakistan. Democratic order in Kashmir has become a subversive order,” alleged Agnishekhar.
Panun Kashmir leaders alleged that Jammu was being systematically subjected to demographic invasion. “Foreign nationals from Myanmar and Bangladesh are being clandestinely settled in and around Jammu. Demographic invasion has been consolidated by fraudulent land grab and allotments as well as induced migrations,” alleged Agnishekhar.

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