‘Kangri’ missing from Jammu

The traditional ways used by the people to keep themselves warm are now losing to technology. At least in Jammu. A large number of Valley residents usually come to Jammu to spend a month or two when the winter is at its peak. They introduced the traditional ‘kangri’ to the people of Jammu. The ‘kangri’ is an earthen fire-pot that keeps people warm during the severe winter months. It is a portable and moving heater that Kashmiris keep inside their ‘pheran,’ a long woollen cloak, to keep themselves warm. Though Jammu residents had adopted the ‘kangri,’ it is has almost disappeared in the region. Instead of using the ‘kangri,’ people now use electric heaters to beat the harsh winter. —Dinesh Manhotra
Airfares zoom
Taking advantage of the closure of the national highway connecting Srinagar with the rest of the country for two days, the airlines have increased their fares by almost three times. Though the airport at Srinagar remained closed for two days due to heavy snowfall in the state, the airlines started their operation on Sunday. Taking advantage of the rush of passengers, various airlines are charging Rs 11,000 for the Jammu-Srinagar trip instead of regular fare of Rs 3,000-4,000 for the next two days. —Amit Khajuria
Sports is the way
Unlike a few years ago when the parents pressured children to focus only on studies, they now urge children to participate in sports and games. The sports training centres in the winter capital, including MA Stadium, Mini Stadium Parade Ground, Dogra Playfield are witnessing a decent registration of children to get training in different disciplines. Parents of these children can be seen waiting outside the practice venue for their kids which is an encouraging sign. “In the present scenario, sports and games have assumed so much significance that without them overall development of personality of a child is not possible,” said Pritam, a parent. “In fact, sportspersons from the state too are bringing laurels for the state by winning in various disciplines,” he added. —Vikas Sharma

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