Govt implementing RSS agenda to crush people’s basic rights: Geelani

Condemning the arrest of JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, senior resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani today said, “the present state government is implementing the RSS agenda by crushing and curbing the basic rights of the population.”
“And when they (people) come on streets to offend, batons of police, tear gas shells, bullets and pellets are poured in to silence these voices. Yasin sahib was leading a peaceful protest and there was no reason to prevent it by force, but authorities have decided it once for all, that peaceful activities are not to be tolerated and wherever they take place, they should be turned violent, by age old tactics of force or torture, to legalize the arrests,” Geelani said.

“Manhandling and beating Yasin Sahib is police vendetta and their highhandedness and these men in uniform have crossed all the limits of their own norms to appease their masters. These shameful acts of repression have been tried in past also, but they have not deterred pro-freedom people from their path and as history is witness, truth has prevailed in past and it will prevail in future as well,” he said.
Commenting on the explanations and clarifications of some ministers, Geelani said “people in government can’t dare to oppose any move by their coalition partners whether by state or by Delhi as the very existence of the coalition thrives on the implementation of the grand agenda of Hindutwa.”
“These mortgaged minds are meant for shielding the anti-people moves, whenever people raise their voice against them. Those, who defend the free trade of liquor in the name of fatty revenue, can have no hindrance in scrapping and tarnishing our safety values one by one. When financial houses from Delhi, armed with sharp nails of SARFASI, will threaten our people, at that time people like Drabu would have already been lost in the pages of history and it will be next to impossible to locate them,” he said.

“Decades ago, one of the tallest traitors, invited Indian armed forces in the name of fighting with invaders and for the last seven decades they continue to crush us under their heavy boots. Hurriyat said that tall traitor implemented draconian law like PSA, camouflaging and defending it by saying that it is against timber smugglers—but today ghost of this law has darkened the future of thousands of our innocent youth and the person whom the explanation should have been demanded, is no more,” he said.
“It is surprising that minister says that “those making hue and cry, have not understood the law”, he said “that only these sold out brains can sweeten the bitterness of these fallacious acts by the oppressor.”
“Our legal fraternity especially Bar Association with in-depth knowledge of the issues, have clearly and honestly discussed its contours and ramifications. After SARFASI, now domicile act is also being defended by the local faces of the Hindutwa parcharaks as they have been assigned the job of putting a deceitful lid on these filthy crimes, only to hoodwink people, as they have mastered this art of deception for which they are rewarded what they are now, otherwise thriving on the government salary throughout their life, they would not even make it to the petty municipal election, not to talk of the ministerial berths they are enjoying now,” he added.
Meanwhile, Geelani has condoled the demise of Ghulam Ahmad Mir father-in-law of Rahamatulla Qasmi of Dar-ul-Uloom Rahimiya Bandipora, Muhammad Mabool Makbal (Islamabad), brother of Muhammad Sadiq Rezvi and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat activist Bashir Ahmad Ganie (Kupwara). He prayed for the departed souls and consoled the bereaved families.

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