Mehbooba’s Govt taking dictation from RSS: Congress

State Congress president G A Mir Friday said Mehbooba Mufti-led PDP-BJP government was running on the dictation of RSS.
“When Congress was taking up the issue that West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs) need identification as citizens of India, PDP would always oppose the move. Our stand has always been clear that there was no problem in granting WPRs citizenship of India. Though questions have been raised by some parties over granting WPRs domicile of the State, the decision was pending,” Mir said.
He said when PDP wasn’t ready even to identify WPRs as citizens of India when Congress was in power, what compelled the party to clarify this part of pending resolution.
The JKPCC President said Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was taking decision only to secure her chair as PDP has sold everything to RSS.
“Whatever is dictated by RSS in the interest of BJP, Mehbooba gives them smooth go through. The PDP has taken a totally U-turn to its role during opposition,” he said.
Mir said if PDP-led government had to take this decision, they could have discussed it in the Assembly and taken all parties into confidence. “Assembly session is beinning soon and government could have waited for 10-more days on such a vital issue”.
“When the issue was discussed in the Assembly last time, PDP wasn’t onboard over the issue. They should have at least respected the views of the opposition parties before taking the decision,” the JKPCC president said.
He said that the Congress party has always been at the forefront to give basic rights to the refugees of 1947, 1965 and 1971.
Alleging that unholy PDP-BJP alliance has failed to satiate aspirations of people of the state, Mir said, “The PDP-BJP government has been creating controversies from day one to divert attention from the real issues”.

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