Farooq Abdullah, Saifuddin Soz reiterate support for Resistance

National Conference president, Farooq Abdullah and senior Congress leader, Saifuddin Soz have reiterated their support for Hurriyat in their separate meetings with an Indian civil society delegation.
Interacting with the delegation led by Kamal Morarka, the NC president said: “New Delhi has adopted policy of divide and rule, but now we have decided that we’ll not let them succeed in their policy anymore. That is why I said I am standing with the Hurriyat.”
Farooq cautioned the government against taking the semblance of normalcy in the valley at face value. “New Delhi thinks the anger of people has subsided, but they are under wrong impression. If they do not address the question of Kashmir they will have to face a new storm in the month of April and May,” he said.
“Central government has closed its eyes and ears to the problem and now it seems that it has closed its nose as well, because the government does not want to smell the pain of Kashmir,” the former chief minister added.
Meanwhile, senior Congress leader and former Union Minister, Saifuddin Soz said he is with Hurriyat Conference “as they represent anger of people of Kashmir”. He appealed the government to “understand the pain of Kashmiris”.
Soz said India’s civil society must come forward and talk to the people of Kashmir and the opinion of Kashmiri people must be communicated to people of India.
Jammu & Kashmir Congress Chief G.M. Mir said Kashmir issue is dependent on people of Kashmir “because we the leaders of the various political parties never talk to each other on the issue seriously”.
He said the leaders can be brought together only in two ways. “First, the government can do this. Second, someone the leaders of Kashmir trust can do that.”
He suggested Morarka to convene a two- or three-day meeting of 8 to 10 main stakeholders in Kashmir, “and they should hold a three-day, closed-door talks and they all put forward their views on Kashmir issue so that at least the different perspective of different leaders on the issue could be known”.

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