Draft proposal for Srinagar Smart City finalized

draft-proposal-for-srinagar-smart-city-finalizedThe draft proposal for Srinagar Smart City Challenge has been finalized by the Consulting Agency and same was today uploaded on https://mygov.in/group-issue/inviting-suggestions-development-srinagar-smart-city/ and also on the SMC website https://smcsite.org.
According to a statement issued by the Housing and Urban Development Department, the twin-capital cities of Srinagar and Jammu have been proposed to be enlisted under the Smart Cities Mission, a flagship initiative of the Government of India. Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon) has been appointed as Consultant to prepare proposals for the two cities for the next round of the Smart Cities Challenge. The objective of the Smart Cities Mission is “Urban Transformation “through smart solutions resulting in better quality of life for the citizens. The process is designed in a manner that lays emphasis on citizen participation. Citizens help guide the future vision for their city and prioritize the actions that need to be taken to achieve that transformation for their cities.
According to the statement, a meeting involving all line departments associated with the implementation of the project was convened under the chairmanship of the Commissioner Secretary to Government, Housing and Urban Development Department with all HODs on 24 September 2016, and subsequently a review was conducted by the Chief Minister along-with all line departments on 27 October 2016. The Chief Minister while being presented a powerpoint presentation by the Consulting Agency had fixed the deadline for submitting of draft proposal by 15 November 2016.
The participation of the general public/Citizens of Srinagar City and its adjoining areas is the most vital element of the challenge as the Draft Proposal and the final DPR shall be formulated as per the citizens feedback and prioritized accordingly, the statement said.
As per the statement, the citizens, NGOs, Civil Society and Social Forums are once again invited to go through the Draft Proposal for Srinagar Smart City Challenge and submit their views and valuable feedback for formulating the Final Proposal for submission to the MoUD, Government of India, for the selection of Srinagar City as Smart City.

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