Nearing Diwali, it is all chaos on Jammu roads

nearing-diwali-it-is-all-chaos-on-jammu-roadsAs the festive season is here, the winter capital is witnessing traffic jams, giving a hard time to the commuters.
Long traffic jams have become a common scene on Jammu streets these days.
The traffic jams could be attributed to the increasing number of vehicles and narrow roads in the city.
“It has become difficult to go out for Diwali shopping. There is chaos on roads and all roads are chocked with vehicles,” said Sudhir Mahajan, a resident of Janipur.
“It takes more than 40 minutes to reach Amphalla from Janipur. Most of the shopkeepers display their wares on the footpath and people have to walk almost in the middle of the road. Where is the space for the vehicles to move?” he added.
The total road length in the city is 704 km and per kilometre density of vehicles is about 570 but travelling is a nightmarish experience due to absence of traffic policemen and the bad condition of roads.
As the government has no plan for the widening of the city roads, people continue to be stuck in traffic jams for hours and the traffic situation has been worsening by the day in Jammu.
The Traffic Department claims to have prepared a foolproof strategy to tackle traffic mess during the festive season and ahead of the Darbar move to Jammu.
Rohit Basgotra, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Traffic, Jammu, said: “Lack of parking space and encroachments on roads are the main reasons behind the traffic jams in Jammu. We are trying to maintain smooth traffic during the festive season.”
“We have deputed four motorcycle teams to manage the traffic in crowded areas of the main market and some more motorcycle teams will be deputed before the Darbar move. Some extra deployments will also be made in the city,” the ASP added.

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