Nubra valley now open to foreign tourists

nubra-valley-now-open-to-foreign-touristsThe government has ordered relaxation in the protected area permit regime for allowing foreigners to visit the hitherto restricted areas in Leh district. A formal notification in this connection has been issued by the Home Department.
According to a spokesman of the Home Department, foreign tourists will now be permitted to visit a number of unexplored areas like Panamik, Phukpochey, Hargam, Taksha, Sasoma, Chaglung, Kobet, Aranu, Khemi, Warshi, Yarma Gompa and Yarma Gonbo monastery in Leh.
These areas were thrown open to local tourists last year. Situated at an average altitude of 10,000 feet, the Nubra valley is well-known for its breathtaking beauty, gushing rivers, Buddhist monasteries and pashmina goat rearing.
The spokesman said after taking note of positive dividends from the initiative and to further augment the opportunities of employment and income generation for the local youth, the state government had decided to open the area to foreign tourists as well.
“With this decision, a long-pending demand of people of the Nubra valley and Ladakh has been met, which in effect is expected to give a considerable boost to the local economy,” he said. A statement said the decision was in continuation of its policy to enhance footfalls in Ladakh.

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