Geelani decries UN’s ‘Lip Service’ to resolve Kashmir

geelani-decries-uns-lip-service-to-resolve-kashmirChairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Sunday castigated the United Nations for what he termed as “selective, partial approach and continuous lip service” of its mediation offer for resolving Kashmir.
“The mediation is done when both parties agree, but if one i.e. India is in persistent denial and abnegation of the historical realities, isn’t United Nations duty bound to pressurize the denying partner further to bring him to the table. But we have been sick of listening this rhetoric from UN, as there is no concrete follow-up to address the Kashmir issue and end our age old miseries and bloodshed,” Geelani said in a statement.

“Our particular faith may perhaps be the sole reason, or lack of natural resources be the rationale behind distraction from world powers putting a bid question mark on their authoritarian stature. Despite belonging to other faith, from a poor and resourceless piece of land, we are humans with same blood and flesh, sentiments and emotions as all humans have, so why this diabolic attitude and duplicity?” Geelani asked.
The Hurriyat (G) Chairman expressed grief over the death of Muzaffar Ahmad Pandit of Chek Kawoosa who succumbed to his pellet injuries.
“Economically India continues to punch us forcefully, breaking open the houses, destroying everything even the household items, burning of food grains, damaging the fruit laden trucks and blocking their entry at Banihal Tunnel at evenings to satisfy the blood lust of their enraged masses, so that we line up on their doorsteps with a begging bowl.”

“Gagging the communication and snapping the internet facilities have not only irked the students but have disappointed online traders as well, negating the artificial concern shown by so-called ministers on the media screens. Killing field throughout Kashmir, scores of young people crippled and forced to live a parasitic life. Peaceful demonstrations made violent by teargas shells, pellets and bullets, creating a suffocating ambiance throttling the echo of freedom,” he said.
He said hundreds of youth have been booked under PSA and shifted to jails outside Kashmir. “Thus multiplying their psychological and financial constrains and their families. Many pro-freedom activists are languishing in jails along-with their kids. Age and physical status is no criteria, as young as 14 years and as old as 80 years earn the wrath of New Delhi’s brutalism to keep them confined for years together,” he said.
“These oppressive tools have been in use for the last 70 years and those not tamed by these mechanics are pressed hard, either to yield or to break. The aggressor with the passage of time manages to foster and rear a hatchery of yes-men who go a step further in implementing their masters writ, even at the cost of blood and flesh of their own population,” he said.
“They portray and impersonate their atrocities, war machinery in such a way that their masters in Delhi are also taken by surprise. To hide their blood drenched hands, the ugly scars of the worst kind of state-terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, India rulers have time and again orchestrated and devised such plans as that of a “Surgical Strike” so that whole focus and concentration drifts away from the 70 years long struggle of self-determination in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.
“Their jingoistic and ultra nationalistic media fumes the flames further by their venomous and sadistic vocabulary inseminating the “fertile” brains of their collective conscience. Recent uproar and war mongering was nothing but a desperate attempt to put a smoke-screen on the 90-day bloody uprising in Kashmir,” he added.

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