Palhalan People ‘Warn’ Police, Forces; Protests in Aishmuqam after forces vandalise rally venue

Local Imams and pro-freedom activists of volatile Palhallan, village Monday held a press conference at the local Eidgah and “warned” police and forces not to “cross limits”. Many local pro-freedom activists and Imams led by Muti Tariq, addressed a gathering which was called a” press conference” at local Eidgah.
The speakers highlighted what they called highhandedness of police and other government forces. They said that Palhallan is being targeted each and every time however the people will not change their political stance about Kashmir dispute. “We are targeted by the men in uniform every now and then because we love our freedom struggle and our martyrs,” the speakers said adding “we warn police and other forces not to cross limits and stop harassing people day in and day out otherwise we know how to protect our youth, women and elders.”
The speakers also said that Kashmir dispute should be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people who are rendering sacrifices. “It is not the issue of unemployment or ignorance but a political dispute accepted and acknowledged at international level,” they said appealing “UN resolutions vis-vis Kashmir be implemented without any further delay.” The speakers appealed the people of Kashmir “to remain steadfast” and “not to fell prey to Indian agents” in the present testing times.

Meanwhile, protests erupted in Nowgam near Saalia village of Aishmuqam after police and paramilitary forces vandalized the venue of a proposed pro-freedom rally and smashed the windowpanes of several residential houses and a local gurdawara on Monday.
Sikhs and Muslims jointly organized the protests and shouted slogans against the police and paramilitary forces.
Surendar Singh, Secretary of the local Gurdawara Prabhandan Committee, said the forces desecrated the local gurdawara by smashing its windowpanes and lobbed teargas shells on people in the village.
Earlier, the forces ransacked the venue of the Unity Conference being held in the village.
However, people have regrouped themselves at several places despite the restrictions and are marching towards the venue.

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