Jahangir-chowk, Rambagh road to be closed for traffic

SSP Traffic Issues Diversion Plan
Urges civil society, media to aware people about traffic rules

Jahangir-chowk, Rambagh road to be closed for trafficFollowing the collapse of Kolkatta flyover recently in which 24 people lost their lives. Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Srinagar, Thursday said that Jehangir-Chowk, Rambagh road would be closed for vehicular moment.

The SSP during a press conference here issued Traffic Diversion Plan and asked for the closure of the Jehangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover.

The decision was taken keeping in view the dangers posed by overhead laying of deck slab on the Flyover and to reduce the Traffic congestion in city Srinagar. SSP Traffic said, it will be closed soon in future.

In this regard a day before a meeting was also convened with Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Dr. Asgar Hassan Samoom and Chief Engineer R&B Satish Rajdan. Both of them asked for the closure of the busy road in Rambagh flyover. However SSP Traffic had already issued letters which were not accepted by R&B Dept.

While addressing a press conference here at his official residence here SSP Traffic Srinagar Maqsood-ul-Zaman said that at the flyover site there may happen any kind of incident and we have to be ready for that. That is why the traffic diversion plan was issued today.

He said, “We will be facing the challenges because there are narrow lanes in place. It is only possible with the help of people’s participation so that we can find a possible solution for the continuing traffic mess in the city.”

He said he is sorry for the inconveniences and he realises that. People have to bear it and it is for public good. I welcome the expert and peoples opinion for making the traffic better in the city.

“I issued a number of adversaries and there are no desirous results from the public. It is not possible without the possibility of public cooperation. We have to sensitize people then we will be able to get desirous results,” he added.

Residents falling under these routes will face immense inconveniences as the routes allotted were already in traffic mess. It will add to traffic jams in and around the city.


All Passenger Service Vehicles coming from North and North –East of Kashmir via HMT crossing shall strictly adopt the routes either:

HMT-Parimpora-Barthana-Qamarwari-Bemina Crossing-Batamaloo or

HMT-Parimpora Bypass-Bemina Byepass- Bemina Crossing-Baytamaloo route or

HMT-Parimpora Bypass-Byepass-Pantha Chowk on wards.

All the Passenger Service Vehicles (excluding Tata Sumos/Taveera etc) coming from South/Central Kashmir via Pantha Chowk , Nowgam/Kanipora, Rangreth, Airport, Badgam shall adopt the following routes:

Pantha Chowk-Pandreth-BB Cant-Batwara-Sonwar-Dalgate/Radio Kashmir roiute.

Pahro-Nowgam-Natipora-Rambagh-Women Police Station(Bund)-Alochibagh-Stadium Road-Tagore and on wards.

Rangreth-Sanat Nagar-Bagat Barzulla-Rambagh-Women Police Station(Bund)-Alochibagh-Stadium Road – Tagore hall on wards.

Humhama-Hyderpora-Bagat Barzulla-Rambagh Women Police Station(Bund)-Alochibagh-Stadium Road-Tagore Hall on wards. All Tata Sumo’s/Taveera etc coming from South/Central Kashmir via. Pantha Chowk, Nowgam/Kanipora, Rangreth, Airport, Budgam sall adopt Pantha Chowk – Pahroo-Nowgam-Chanapora Bridge.

For vehicles coming from chadoora will follow –Sanat Nagar Hyderpora-Tengpora-Bemina Bypass-Bemina Crossing-Batamaloo and shall return back via Moomin Abad-Tengpora route.

All Passenger Service vehicles (including Tata Sumo/Taveera etc) coming from Budgam via Hyderpora and Khomania Chowk shall adopt Hyderpora Bypass-Tengpora-Batamaloo and shall return back via Batamaloo Bus Stand-Moominabad-Tengpora.

However Tata Sumos/Taveera vehicles affiliated with Stands operating in and around Lal Chowk including Dalgate, TRC shall operate as per the existing routes and strength. They shall be provided with a Color Code stiker permission by SSP Traffic Citry Srinagar.


All the Passenger Service Vehicles leading to North/North East/South of Kashmir shall srtrictly adopt Batamaloo-Moominabad-Tengpora road for onward journey and no vehicle shall be alloved to ply in the opposite direction from Tengpora towards Batamaloo.

All passenger Service Vehicles operating from Tagore Hall towards Rambagh and onwards shall adopt Tagore Hall-L.D-Lal Mandi- Jawahar Nagar-Bund-Rambagh Bridge-Natipora/Bagat Barzulla and onwards.


All the PSVs shall operate from within the Bus terminal at Batamaloo and shall not resort to boarding/ de-boarding of passengers outside Bus Stand. All vehicles shall manage entry/exit points at Batamaloo bus terminal in an orderly manner to avoid obstructions/impediments to the passing by traffic. Qamarwari-Barthana bottleneck compels to initiate ONE-WAY movement of Traffic in the large interest of general public. Vehicles bound for Qamarwari shall adopt Fire service- KaraNagar-SMHS-Chattabal-Qamawari-Noor Bagh on and onwards. Commuters are requested to adopt diversion roots to avoid congestion and plan their travel to city. Priority may kindly be given to spacious routes available to avoid congestion and inconveniences. Rest of the routes not touched in the plan shall ply normally. Traffic police has advised all the drivers and commuters to follow the Traffic diversion plan.

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