Indian Intelligence Agencies feed some Separatists: Dr Farooq

Indian Intelligence Agencies feed some Separatists - Dr FarooqFormer Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah has said that some separatist leaders have close links with Indian intelligence agencies which feed them. Farooq also alleged New Delhi of “dividing Kashmiris”.

In an interview to The Economic Times, Farooq said that separatist leaders change their stand on daily basis. “I don’t know what Hurriyat stands for. Every day they make changes in their stand. Some of them also have links with intelligence agencies of India. They are fed by them as well,” Farooq said.

He alleged both India and Pakistan of dividing Kashmiri people. “The policy of both the nations (India and Pakistan) is to divide Kashmiris as much as they can so that we don’t have one voice. Kashmiris don’t realize this,” Farooq said.

“They (New Delhi) created PDP to divide people, like they created Ghulam Muhammad Shah to divide us earlier. There is nothing new in this,” Farooq said. “am persona non grata in Pakistan. If they get me, they would tear me to pieces. I am an Indian. The Line of Control will never change. I guarantee you. I remember telling people in front of the late Maulana Farooq in Srinagar’s Jama Masjid that we will never be part of Pakistan,” Farooq said

He said that he has no differences with RSS or BJP. “I have no ideological difference with RSS or BJP. BJP is a party of democratic India and has the right to exist and even contest elections,” Farooq said adding “but we have to see what PDP achieved by joining hands with them. PDP is sad today. As far as NC is concerned we had an understanding with NDA in Delhi, not in J&K.”

Farooq added “Whether it is Congress or BJP, they don’t want to give us autonomy. They want us to be subservient to them. We are totally dependent on Government of India for finances.”

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