Hold elections to elect new assembly: Hari Om

Describing as a very positive development the failure of PDP and BJP to re-stitch an alliance to form coalition government in the sensitive border State of J&K, Prof Hari Om on Sunday urged the State Governor to dissolve forthwith the Assembly and take steps calculated to giving the people an opportunity to elect a new assembly.
Hold elections to elect new assembly - Hari Om“The failure of the PDP and the BJP leadership to break the deadlock over government formation even after two weeks of Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed’s demise is a positive development. The alliance between PDP and BJP was unethical, as both the parties had sought and got mandate from the two disparate regions on different poll planks, he said, adding the post-poll alliance was nothing but the negation of the very verdict that the electorate in the state delivered.
“Holding of fresh elections has become imperative to given an opportunity to the people to elect a government of their own choice and end political uncertainty in J&K,” he said. He asserted that the 2014 mandate was not in favour of any of the four major political players in the state.
Though the poll verdict was surely against the NC-Congress’ misrule, it was also certainly not in favour of PDP and BJP, as none of these two outfits won the required number of seats to form government, he said. “Actually, the mandate was for the reorganization of the state, as PDP won 25 out of 46 seats from Kashmir, BJP 25 out of 37 seats from Jammu and Congress three out of four seats from Ladakh,” Prof Hari Om said. He added that the 2014 mandate was also against those in New Delhi and Kashmir, who stood for the Kashmiri domination and hegemony over the state’s polity and considered Jammu and Ladakh no factor in the state’s political situation.
By voting overwhelmingly in favour of BJP in Jammu province, in favour of Congress in Ladakh and in favour of PDP in Kashmir, the people only candidly told the biased votaries of the unity and integrity of the state that they were no longer prepared to live under one unified government and that they wanted to manage their own affairs independent of each other, he said. He also said that time has finally come to appreciate the ground realities as they exist in different regions of the state so that a new political arrangement could be made that fulfills the socio-cultural and politico-economic aspirations and urges of different people inhabiting different regions of the state.
If the people of the state again gave a fractured mandate, as it happened between 2002 and 2014, then the Government of India must reorganize J&K State like it reorganized UP, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam to end inter-regional tensions and animosities, Prof Hari Om said.
He also drew the attention of the State Governor to the fact that PDP, BJP, NC, Congress and Panthers Party have all directly or indirectly indicated their preference for mid-term polls. He said let these political parties test the political waters in the state and find where each one of them today stands.
Prof Hari Om asserted that even if PDP and BJP finally succeeded in ironing out differences between them and forming coalition government, it will not last long, as things in the state have completely changed following the demise of Mufti Sayeed. It will collapse sooner than later like a house of cards collapses, he said and asserted that fresh elections are the only option left for the Union Government.

Kashmir unit of BJP congratulates Amit Shah
Kashmir unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has congratulated senior party leader Shri Amit Shah for being elected as the party President.

In a statement here the BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “ Shri Amit Shah has been instrumental in rejuvenating the BJP and has always led from the front. His role has been acknowledged by one and all, including the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We congratulate him for being elected as the BJP President .

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