Infant plastered in wrong leg at Udhampur hospital

Act of negligence rectified, investigation ordered

In a case of gross negligence at District Hospital in Udhampur, doctors plastered the wrong leg of a five-month-old baby boy.
As per reports, Sudesh Kumar along with his wife Pinki, residents of Ritti, arrived at the hospital on Saturday and showed their son to an orthopaedic surgeon.
Meanwhile, a surgeon advised them to go for an X-ray. The parents got it done and showed the report to the doctor. The X-ray showed the left leg of the baby was fractured. The doctor advised them to get the fractured leg plastered and prescribed some medicines.
Reports said the baby was taken to the plaster room, where the paramedical staff plastered his leg and later handed him over to his parents.
Family sources said during the night, the baby started crying bitterlyand his parents tried to pacify him but failed. They took him to the District Hospital, Udhampur, again on Sunday.
When they contacted the doctor and told him that the baby had been crying throughout the night, the doctor checked the X-ray report and found out that the right leg of the toddler had been plastered instead of the left leg which was fractured, the family source said.
On being told that they had plastered the wrong leg of the baby, the paramedical staff removed the plaster from the right leg and plastered the fractured left leg.
“Investigation is underway at District Hospital, Udhampur, and a team has been constituted to find out what happened,” said Superintendent, District Hospital, Udhampur, Narinder Kumar.

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