‘26 quakes jolted JK in 11 months’

Jammu and Kashmir has recorded 24 earthquakes in the past 11 months, official data has revealed.

‘26 quakes jolted JK in 11 months’According to the data, tremors jolted Kashmir twice in February, eight times in March, four times in April, twice in May, once in June, four times in July, twice in August, thrice in September, twice in October, and thrice in November (so far).

Former Head of Kashmir University’s Geology Department, Prof Muhammad Ismail Bhat said there is nothing unusual in it.

“Hindu Kush region is one of the seasoned earthquake-prone regions. There is nothing unusual in repeated quakes in JK,” he said. “This is nothing to worry about. Only a higher magnitude jolt can cause damage.”

Prof Bhat said nobody in Kashmir is prepared for natural calamities. “I think it is not the priority of the government to remain prepared for such calamities,” he said.

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