Sunday Market abuzz with shoppers ahead of winter

As the Valley is gearing up for winters, a large number of people thronged city’s Sunday Market to buy second hand branded woolens. This market is famous for blankets, shoes, trousers, jackets, bags, toys, kitchen items and many other household items.

Sunday Market abuzz with shoppers ahead of winterThe Sunday Market is a weekly market in the City Centre, Lal Chowk, the nerve centre of the market that spans nearly 2 km from the Tourist Reception Centre to the Hari Singh High Street and is visited by thousands of people from across the Valley.

“This is the best market for middle class families as we get cheap branded clothes here. I often buy my winter wear from here,” said Nasheed Ahmad, a city resident. As temperature has started dipping in the Valley, the market today witnessed a huge rush of people. The market is one of the major attractions in uptown Srinagar city and is a major source of income for more than 1,300 vendors.

“During the approaching winters, we always witness a good business. There is more demand of clothes in winters than in summers,” said a vendor. “There is a huge demand for goods like woolens, blankets, heavy curtains, socks, electric blankets, coats, overcoats, quilts these days since the weather has started changing,” he added.

The president of the market said there was a monthly turnover of Rs 20 crore being generated by the market.

“This market is a good place for everyone who wants to buy cheap clothes,” said Shahid Rather, a local. As per the vendors, the market was initially started from the Radio Kashmir Crossing to the Polo view but with the heavy rush of customers it was stretched from the Radio Kashmir to the Hari Singh High Street. Even shopkeepers in the area put their stalls on the day to attract customers. Many youth said they visited the market to purchase books, which were otherwise costlier in other markets.

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