Valley’s only dental college lacks basic facilities

Patients referred to private labs for conducting basic tests

Valley’s only dental college lacks basic facilitiesThe only dental college in the Valley is taking patients for a ride as the set-up lacks basic facilities, forcing people travelling to the institution from far flung areas of Kashmir to visit private clinics for treatment.

People from across the Valley visit Government Dental College at Srinagar. However, they are forced to visit private labs as the institute doesn’t even possess basic facilities like X-ray machines.

“The hospital lacks basic facilities like an X-ray machine and an auto-analyser. Doctors refer most of the patients to private clinics for tests. The hospital doesn’t provide quality treatment to patients,” alleged Samia Parray.

Nearly 800 patients visit the institute at Shireen Bagh daily, but due to lack of required facilities the disappointed patients prefer to visit private clinics.

A patient from Baramulla said he was told to get medicines and get all the tests done from a private clinic outside the hospital, which was unaffordable for him.

“We visit government hospital because we are poor. We cannot afford private treatment. But there is nothing available in this hospital,” the patient said.

Patients said the hospital did not even have a proper laboratory to conduct blood tests.

“Private labs charge 90 per cent more than the hospital. But we are forced to go there as we don’t have any other option,” said another patient.

Hospital sources said the auto-analyser (blood testing machine) was non functional since the September floods last year.

“Patients are forced to implant their new teeth dentures from outside as the hospital lab is without basic material and medicines. Even for orthodenture patients have to wait for minimum two years,” said a source.

The hospital authorities could not be reached for a comment.

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